Thursday, March 29, 2007

Web groomer jailed for two years
AN internet predator who posed as a teenage boy and persuaded a 13-year-old girl to undress in front of a web cam has been jailed for two years.
Jamie Taylor, 26, “groomed” the girl over a period of several hours and after gaining her confidence persuaded her to remove her clothes and to engage in sexual acts, Ipswich Crown Court heard yesterday.
“Over a number of hours you first of all chatted with her to gain her confidence and after that you started to groom her for sexual activity and persevered and persevered until you persuaded her to remove her clothing by using images of a naked male who you said was you."
A 13-year-old girl chatting for "several" hours and undressing in front of a webcam? I have to wonder where the parents were all this time and why they let a 13-year-old have a webcam in the first place......

Friday, March 23, 2007

Jail for man who 'groomed' girl (12) over Internet
A 23-year-old Nelson man has been jailed for 3½ years after he groomed a 12-year-old girl on the Internet and travelled across the country for love trysts with her in hotel rooms.
Michael Lockwood swopped sex stories in chat rooms and text-messages with the under-age girl before booking hotels in Banbury, Oxfordshire, and Guildford, Surrey, where they met.
Judge Michael Addison, sentencing at Guildford Crown Court, reminded Lockwood how he had met the 12-year-old girl on the Internet and steered conversations to a sexual agenda: "You asked her for naked pictures and she sent them to you. She said she was in love with you and you said you loved her. By this time you knew she was just 12."
Noting the girl's active involvement in the relationship, he said: "Girls of this age must be protected from themselves."
This one is a wake up call for parents to watch what their kids do on the Internet.

Trooper busted - Sergeant accused of trying to solicit sex from underage girls
A Michigan State Police sergeant was arrested at his desk Monday on charges of soliciting sex over the Internet from underage girls.
Sgt. Kevin Hardoin, 45, who formerly served in Monroe as coordinator for a chapter of the Safe Kids program, was arrested by investigators from the Michigan Attorney General's Office.
Keep the kids safe Sarge...
According to a news release from Attorney General Mike Cox, Hardoin allegedly used the screen name "raging_37" to engage in sexual conversation on the Internet with 13- and 14-year-old girls. He also allegedly urged them to watch him engaged in a sexually explicit act through the webcam.
Wonder what he did to keep the kids safe?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Miss America shines light on Internet safety
Lauren Nelson only has been wearing the Miss America tiara for seven weeks and she is back home in Oklahoma, and one of her stops was at the state Capitol, where she spoke to legislators Monday about her platform, Internet safety for children.
The bill will allow the courts to prohibit registered sex offenders from accessing certain communication Web sites, like MySpace and Facebook, and requires them to register with authorities any current e-mail addresses they are using.
“It’s scary but it’s true,” Wesselhoft said. “Your child may be communicating with molesters and rapists right in your own home. These online social networking sites are an open invitation for child predators to communicate with children.”
Nelson, a former University of Central Oklahoma student , said studies show one in five children in Oklahoma are inappropriately approached online. It happened to her when she was 13.
Nelson said she was at a seventh-grade sleepover party when she and a group of her young friends joined an online conversation with an older man in a chat room. Innocently, the girls provided the man with personal information.
It's a start - maybe parents will listen to Miss America.....

Monday, March 19, 2007

International Academy Teacher charged with Internet sex crime
According to Macomb County Sheriff Mark A. Hackel, Krisniski was caught communicating in a chat room online. The suspect reportedly initiated the chat, seeking to meet and engage in oral sex with the “victim.”
Krisniski was arrested by officers of the Macomb Area Enforcement Team on March 9 when he was caught allegedly attempting to meet a 14-year-old boy.
I used to think kids were safe at school but yet another teacher is caught.......

High School Teacher Charged With Using Internet to Entice Minor
A Peoria, Ill. womanhas been charged with using the Internet to entice a minor to engage in sexual activity.
The affidavit alleges Church engaged in an Internet chat with a minoron Dec. 9, 2006. Church allegedly attempted to solicit a minor for sexualactivity on According to the affidavit, Church has beenemployed as a behavioral teacher at Manual High School in Peoria forapproximately four years.
Sigh.... Yet another teacher.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Online predator gets 14 years in sex with girl, 11
A federal judge in Connecticut sentenced a former Jersey City man to 14 years in prison yesterday for using the Internet to set up several rendezvous with an 11-year-old girl and then traveling to her home and molesting her, officials said.
"Parents, caregivers and teachers are again encouraged to educate children about the Internet's potential dangers, and be vigilant in monitoring their Internet usage."
The former Magnolia Avenue resident was arrested last February and later pleaded guilty to one count of using the Internet to have sexual contact with a minor and one count of possession of child pornography, O'Connor said, and yesterday in Bridgeport, Conn., District Judge Janet C. Hall sentenced him to 168 months in prison.
Justice is served......