Friday, December 28, 2007

Internet linked to assault charges: Former Port City man arrested
A former resident was arrested Friday for allegedly using the popular website MySpace to lure an underage girl into having sex with him on three separate occasions, according to police.On Friday, Police arrested David C. Smith, 28, of 30 Winslow Way in Epping on four felony charges including three counts of sexual assault-statutory rape and one count of certain uses of computer services prohibited.The charges allege Smith used a computer while he was living in Portsmouth to communicate with and solicit sex from the minor.
This is another precautionary tale for parents to know that if their children are on MySpace or Facebook they should not give out personal information or allow strangers to contact them…

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ex-district secretary guilty of soliciting 2 students
A former Jim Thorpe Area School District secretary faces decades in prison and lifetime registration with authorities after admitting Thursday in Carbon County Court that he solicited sex from two 14-year-old girls who were students at the school where he worked.
Remmel admitted he solicited the girls through, a popular social networking Web site.
There are ways to monitor MySpace Activity...

Pervert jailed for preying on young girls
A SEX menace who used the internet to prey on teenage girls was behind bars last night.
Robin David Blewett was finally caught after he lured a 16-year-old girl, from York, into his home.
The 41-year-old's arrest by detectives from North Yorkshire led to a nationwide inquiry with a team from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.
An inquiry found a further four teenage victims and catalogue of more than two million pornographic photographs and child abuse images on computers and discs in his home.
The inquiry also revealed he had used the internet to compile a database of more than 500 named teenage girls.
It is extremely disturbing to think that the girls involved in the investigation were approached by this perverted man while they sat in their own homes.
It's a chilling thought, but it is one we must all wise-up to....

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Fort Lauderdale man is under arrest after investigators he performed sexual acts on a 14 year old Lakeland teenager he met through MySpace.Detectives say 39-year-old Richard Gagnon Jr came to Lakeland on multiple occasions to after talking with the teen through MySpace, instant messaging and via cell phone.
This is just one more example of how pedophiles and predators are grooming our children to believe such conduct is acceptable.
We must all work together to keep our children safe from pedophiles and predators who are on line every day using their charm and charisma in order to sexually abuse our children…