Monday, August 28, 2006

Coach facing sex charges resigns
An Iron Range high school girls hockey coach scheduled to appear in an Ohio courtroom this morning on a charge that he attempted to have sex with a "14-year-old girl'' he met on the Internet has resigned from his coaching position.
Donald Richard Lindstrom, 48, of Babbitt, coached the Babbitt-Embarrass/Tower-Soudan/Ely girls hockey team last season and was an assistant coach the season before.
He was arraigned in Ohio on Friday on three felony counts: one count of attempted unlawful sex with a minor and two counts of importuning — soliciting another for sexual activity by means of a telecommunications device.
It's always disturbing to read of a coach doing this sort of thing. Coaches and teachers of all people should have enough control!

Fla. teacher held on child sex charge
A north Florida teacher is behind bars today accused of molesting a child he met in an Internet chat room.
Police arrested Bryan Cornell Simmons, 24, on Tuesday. He is a seventh grade teacher of English Language Arts at Jefferson Davis Middle School on Jacksonville's westside.
Simmons is accused of going to a 13-year-old boy's home Tuesday morning. The boy is not a student at the school.
It's always disturbing to hear of a teacher doing this kind of thing.

Internet sting snares suspects
Tangipahoa Parish law enforcement officers nabbed 17 alleged child predators in a sting to capture adults soliciting sex from minors over the Internet, Hammond Police Chief Roddy Devall announced Tuesday.
“Believe me, I did not realize how easy it is for children to get involved in this situation,” Devall said. “Seventeen people in 8 1/2 work days. That just tells you how many people are out there.”
17 people trying to lure kids through chat rooms - in 8 1/2 days! Amazing, truly amazing.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Vermilion's Sgt. Larry Miller has made 22 arrests targeting sexual predators in online chat rooms
Most teenagers' online ''Buddy Lists'' are full of friends, family and co-workers. But the 58 ''buddies'' recently added to Miller's list are more than just friends. They're people with whom he has had sexual conversations. Older men, women and couples looking for a young girl or boy for sex.
For the last year and a half, Miller has made a business out of what most teens do for pleasure -- chatting online with friends. So far, he's arrested 22 alleged online predators willing to drive to Vermilion for sex with a figment of Miller's imagination.
''It's the age of the cyber crime and those perverts have found a new arena,'' Miller, a self-proclaimed ''computer nerd,'' says. Nicely said!

I've featured Larry Miller back in March and he's still out there lurking in chat rooms catching the Internet Predators in the act. Let's all congratulate him on a job well done!