Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ex-principal admits to sex with girl, 14
A former New York elementary principal admitted in court yesterday that he flew to Nebraska repeatedly to have sex with an underage girl he met on the Web.
John Monetti, former principal of Long Island’s William Floyd Elementary School, 38, pleaded guilty to travel with intent to have sex with a minor. In 2005, Monetti began an Internet chat with the girl, then 14, and bought her a cell phone to talk without raising her parents’ suspicions. In 2006, he flew to Omaha on four weekends, having sex with the girl in a motel room and in a rental van. He was arrested when cops found him in the van with the girl. He faces up to 12 years in prison.
I'm thinking he was studying kids when he was a principal. He actually gave her a cell phone so her parents wouldn't get suspicious.
It is no wonder there are so many problems in school these days - our kids look up to people like this....

Thursday, August 16, 2007

High school coach arrested: Authorities: Man had explicit online chat with someone he thought was a minor
A Flowery Branch High School track and assistant football coach was arrested at the school Wednesday on charges that he engaged in sexually explicit online chats with someone he thought was a minor.
Mandeville had computer contact with an undercover investigator who posed as a 14-year-old girl in an Internet chat room.
Shannon Dell Mandeville, 34, of Dacula, is charged with three felony counts of violation of the computer electronic pornography and child exploitation prevention act and one felony count of obscene Internet contact with a minor, authorities said.
The coach was not actually chatting with a minor but he could have been. It sickens me to see the people we trust attempting to engage in sexually explicit online chats with a minor....

Man caught in teen's bedroom
A Maryland man has been charged with multiple offenses after being caught in a Stafford County teenager's bedroom earlier this month, police said.
Jason Frank, 36, of Gaithersburg, met the 14-year-old girl on the Internet, sheriff's spokesman Bill Kennedy said.
An investigation by Detective Chris Cameron revealed that he had been to her home at least three times and had sex with the girl at least twice before being confronted by the mother.
According to Kennedy, the mother heard a noise early Aug. 1 and went to her daughter's bedroom. The mother entered the room and Frank was there, Kennedy said.
The mother called police, and Cameron later learned that Frank had met the girl and set up meetings while in an online chat room posing as a 28-year-old man.
I am thinking that the mother would have rather caught them in the chat room....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Man faces felonies for sex with girl
A 36-year-old Helena man faces six felony charges for allegedly soliciting sex from a 13-year-old girl on the socializing Web site MySpace and then engaging in various sex acts with the girl on multiple occasions.
Police arrested Daniel Allen Dietz Friday on five counts of sexual intercourse without consent and one charge of sexual abuse of children. Dietz allegedly had intercourse with the girl on at least five separate occasions starting in March and ending in June.
In a MySpace chat on March 25, according to court documents, Dietz spoke with the teen about “sexually explicit matters.” During the conversation, Dietz allegedly asked for a photo of the teen and she complied by sending him a photo of herself with her bare chest exposed, the documents said.
There are ways to monitor MySpace accounts.....