Thursday, May 04, 2006

In March 2006, there were the usual predators roaming the Internet and trying to groom your children. You have to keep in mind that these news stories are about the ones that got caught....

40-Year-Old Man Charged With Raping 14-Year-Old Girl - The forty-year-old man is facing 23 charges for allegedly raping and sodomizing a 14-year-old girl. Police say he first met the teenager on a phone chat line last summer. Read More>> This one can't quite be put in the same category as Internet Predators - I'm thinking that it started in an Internet chat room though. Is this something else we need to watch - phone chat dangers?

City Man Accused Of Flying To Alaska To Have Sex With Child - A Calgary man is accused of going to Alaska to have sex with a child. The case started on the internet and shows how this kind of crime knows no boundaries. Read More>> No limits , these people have no limits at all. Be afraid.

Parents Worried About Chat Rooms After Girl Disappears in Oklahoma - The FBI says she spends a lot of time on the internet, and could be with someone she met in a chat room. Read More>>

Teacher suspected in online sex case - Authorities are investigating whether a Spring Lake Park High School band director had an improper relationship with a former student after officials say they discovered him performing sexual acts via Webcam for a 13-year-old girl. Read More>> A teacher!! Enough said....

Web grooming perv jailed - A CHILD porn addict branded by the prosecution as "every parent's nightmare" - spent months posing as an online counsellor for abused youngsters to worm his way into the "vulnerable" 13-year-old's confidence. Read More>>

Brooklyn man charged with enticing Manasquan girl, 13; pair met on Net - A New York man faces child endangerment and other charges after he tried to entice a 13-year-old Manasquan girl to e-mail sexually explicit photographs to him Read More>

The following story coincides with a Kudos page for Officer Miller. He is a nominee for the America's Most Wanted All-Star, an honor given to those who go above and beyond the call of duty. Give him your vote. AMW will select the WINNER on May 9th, 2006

Chat room meetings lead to two arrests - Two alleged Internet predators were arrested within 20 minutes of each other. ''Officer (Larry) Miller was in a chat room and was approached by both subjects over the past week,'' Labis said. ''Both contacted him again last night and agreed to meet.'' Read More>>


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