Thursday, May 08, 2008

Five years' jail for under-age chat room sex - A Christchurch man's sexual contact with three Auckland girls, who lied about their ages on internet adult chat-rooms, has led to a five-year jail term imposed in Christchurch District Court today.
Two of the girls were aged 15 and one was aged only 12 and was wearing her intermediate school uniform when 57-year-old Lawrence John Davidson met her on the street after the internet contact.
Judge David Saunders said the 12-year-old had been a virgin and had had sex with Davidson after four to six weeks of grooming. He had videoed her undressed and restraints had been used on her during the sex. The girl had contemplated self-harm and suicide since the offending.
The Judge also directed that Davidson be kept safe from other prisoners, and told the prison escort officer at court: "It now falls on your shoulders to ensure safe transport for this man to prison."
Good Luck trying to keep him safe in prison…


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