Thursday, March 20, 2008

Internet predator jailed 3 years - Red-faced and unwilling to make eye contact with anyone in the courtroom, Mark Bedford apologized on Friday to the underage girls - reportedly numbering in the hundreds - he fooled into performing degrading sexual acts in front of Internet cameras for his own sexual gratification.
Mr. Bedford would take over personal Internet accounts and, using a high-pitched voice, adeptly impersonate girls to trick friends on their contact list into flashing their breasts. He captured the images and used them to blackmail girls as young as nine and 10. He was persistent and threatened physical harm if victims were defiant, court was told.
At least he apologized – I doubt that his fellow inmates will give him that satisfaction…


At 3/22/08, 6:30 AM, Anonymous John Drew said...


Like you, I've been in the technology area for years and got involved with this topic.

I started a section off my business website dedicated to internet safety for kids - I'd like to talk with you about how we can work together to continue spreading the word.

My website it and you can email me at



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