Thursday, April 10, 2008

Internet child predator 'bashed daily' in jail - A "SMILING'' Internet child predator who told girls to call him ``daddy'' has been assaulted daily in Darwin prison, a court heard yesterday.
Ylikotila, who pleaded guilty to 12 child abuse charges, was 18 when he contacted two 13-year-old Victorian girls on an internet chat site, telling them they were only allowed to be his "girlfriend'' if they sent naked photos.
They were two of five girls aged up to 16 from across Australia he started sexual internet and mobile phone relationships with, sending them naked photos of himself in front of a mirror.
He "groomed'' some into taking photos of themselves inserting foreign objects into their genitals, and sent one girl up to 100 sexual messages a day.
He was at the "bottom of the pecking order'' of pedophiles at Berrimah jail and had been an easy target for other prisoners to abuse in C Block.
He was just unable to defend himself…


At 4/18/08, 9:58 PM, Anonymous Fighter said...

While we deal with Adult on Adult Internet Predators - we are linking to you.

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