Friday, May 12, 2006

House Bill Seeks to Ban Teens From Social Networking Sites
This could potentially shut down every forum and chat site in the country.....
A Pennsylvania congressman has introduced legislation that would ban minors from accessing social networking Web sites such as MySpace, and forbid libraries from making such access available.
However, the bill uses extremely broad language to define a "social networking" site, which would theoretically eliminate several Ziff-Davis Web sites, as well as other highly-trafficked Web sites across the Internet.
"Sites like Myspace and Facebook have opened the door to a new online community of social networks between friends, students and colleagues," Fitzpatrick said in a statement posted to his Web site. "However, this new technology has become a feeding ground for child predators that use these sites as just another way to do our children harm."
Okay so now are we going to remove the playgrounds from the schools too????


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