Monday, May 08, 2006

A recent poll by Leger Marketing found that most parents let kids surf unattended Hard to believe, but true. It's kinda like giving your eight year old a chainsaw for a toy.
The Leger Marketing poll conducted for AOL Canada said 14 per cent of children reported talking to someone they don't know while surfing the Web.
83 per cent of parents reported leaving their children unattended on the Internet, and more than 50 per cent said they believe the Web is safe for kids.
That's just not true, says Karen Robbins, AOL Canada's online safety expert and "Net Mom."
"Today's children are really the first generation whose safety can be compromised in their own home, at their own desk -- simply by being online," Robbins said in a news release.
This is a shocking new poll - 50% of parents believe the Internet is safe...... Don't they read the news? *sigh"
Children need to be monitored and protected when they are online - the parent needs to realize that and realize it quick - don't let your kid become a news story. Anyway.....


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