Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dateline has a series going on called "To Catch a Predator III". They show, in detail, how easy it is for your child to to get groomed by these Internet Predators. A very interesting read and TV series. Millions of our kids are online, but how do you keep them out of danger? Dateline’s unprecedented look at Internet predators is back. Find out how to keep your children from becoming a target... and watch as men get an unexpected date with Dateline!

Last nights story on Dateline turned out to be yet another eye opener - anybody listening? It's the latest in Dateline's month-long series of undercover investigations: children at risk from grown men online. We're back in small town America, where the investigation leads us to one of the most disturbing cases we've ever found. A warning: some of what you're about to read is explicit. Read More>> Kudos to Dateline!


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