Friday, May 12, 2006

The Dangers of for Teens
Myspace is one of the most popular online journal Web sites today. Teens use it as a meeting place where they can tell about themselves, post pictures, play their favorite songs, and chat with people around the world.
"The kids are putting so much personal information on these Web sites that it's very, very easy for anyone who wants to find them in real life, to find them…Most parents are worried because they wouldn't read their children's diary, and they feel uncomfortable reading their online diaries. But parents need to realize that when a child writes a diary at home, it’s between them and the pages. But when children write a diary on the Internet, it's between their kids and 700 million people who want to read what they wrote." The Predators love this place because the kids feel safe there - safe to express themselves - oh Yeah, the Internet Predators love it.
Parents can help safeguard their kids online by being aware of where they are going on the Internet and what information they are communicating throughout cyberspace.


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