Thursday, October 18, 2007

MySpace and Skype have just announced a new instant message service called MySpaceIM. This new instant messenger client will allow MySpace users to talk directly with other users. If these internet predators can successfully groom your children using just a keyboard, think of what they will be able to accomplish with direct voice communication. MySpaceIM with Skype will enable millions of users to place free internet Skype calls to other MySpace or Skype users.
The joining of MySpace and Skype will allow Internet predators to talk to your children for free. The service will use the same privacy settings that the MySpace account uses, meaning the user has a choice to talk to the person or not.
They have that choice with regular MySpace chat too. If you read the news, you would know that the privacy choice does not work very well because kids constantly are groomed through the MySpace service.
Hopefully we won’t see a news story posted here involving MySpaceIM but I have a really bad feeling about this one....


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