Thursday, July 12, 2007

Internet Predator Mark Wayne Miller Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison
Senior United States District Judge Walter H. Rice of the Southern District of Ohio did a great job on this one. He also made a statement that many parents need to hear.
"The first warning is to parents who think their children are safe on the internet. And to parents to check on their children's internet activities. You are not invading their privacy. But you could end up saving their lives. Thank goodness no child was physically harmed by this perpetrator, but what harm he did to their psychological well being may not be know for years."
Then he sent a warning to the predators too.
"The second warning is to anyone who thinks he can get away with doing something like this. No matter how hard you try to hide your identity, you can be found and prosecuted"
That warning is a bit of an empty threat because they will never catch them all - maybe with some more help from the parents.....


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