Monday, June 19, 2006

Man admits molesting girl he met on Web
This one shows how addicted (sick) these Internet Predators really are.
Arizona man was being prosecuted for molesting another girl when he contacted Fullerton victim, police say.
Swanstrom was being prosecuted for molesting a young girl in Arizona in July 2003 when he contacted the Fullerton girl in an Internet chat room, according to police. During the chats, Swanstrom told the girl he was a 17-year-old boy.
Over a period of months, Swanstrom's courting of the girl escalated from Internet chats to telephone conversations to personal visits, police said. He gave her presents that included a diamond necklace, a book, a teddy bear and a cell phone, according to transcripts from the preliminary hearing.
"It just shows how much of a predator this guy was," Kaliban said. "He is awaiting sentencing in Arizona and he comes out here for one last hurrah before he goes to prison."
I can say no more......


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